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May 29

QR Codes in a Medical Practice

Here are some suggestions of ways that a medical practice could use the QR codes that have been made available to them on their practice website.

  • Phone numbers. QR codes don’t have to connect with web addresses. They can also be linked with phone numbers, contact information, email addresses, and texts. A QR code can help you make an instant connection, without asking a patient to remember or type a phone number.
  • Physician profiles. Do you want to give patients more information about your practice,link them to the online profile page of your practice or even link them with a video of you telling them about your practice. This way, patients get to experience some of your personality and decide whether you’re the sort of doctor they’d like to see in person.
  • Special promotions. Do you have a free or low-cost health screening program? Are you hosting seminars or events? Connect directly with your Internet-based sign-up forms with a QR code.
  • Procedure and equipment videos. Patients want to know what they’re getting into before they agree to a procedure. Don’t just show them a picture of a new piece of high-tech equipment–show them how it works with a web video linked to a QR code.
  • Maps. Your QR code can link to a Google map on your contact page so your patients don’t have to type your address into a browser to find you.
  • Health tips. Link QR codes to microsites, blogs, videos, podcasts, and other Internet-based health information. Patients won’t have to search for the timely advice they need–they can just point their smartphones at your QR code and connect immediately.
  • Post-procedure instructions. A QR code can link patients with online documents that provide instructions on how to care for themselves after a procedure, physical therapy videos, and more.
  • Physician-to-physician communications. There’s no reason to use QR codes only for patient communications: doctor’s use smartphones, too. You can use QR codes to provide contact information for referrals, show videos of procedures, and profile your practice.

When applied imaginatively, QR Codes can help your practice communicate better with your patients.

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