Thursday, 29th Sep 2022


Accessibility Statement

We are committed to ensuring that our website, i.e. the pages and information presented on it in electronic format, are accessible to all its users (including users with disabilities) and regardless of the any particular tools used to browse the web.

The template(s) controlling the initial structure and presentation for this website’s Content Management System have been constructed with the aim of conforming to the WCAG 1.0 Double-A standard.

Accessibility Features and Considerations

Every effort has been made to ensure that all pages meet the WCAG 1.0 Double-A standard, however the exact level of compliance may differ from page to page. Despite rigorous testing with automated systems we often find some issues are not flagged and these may be missed in our manual checks. Additionally, a Content Managed System means that the website pages are subject to change more frequently and thus would need to be reassessed.

Navigation Shortcuts

Zoom in/out/reset

  • Keystroke: Zoom in: CTRL-Plus key
  • Keystroke: Zoom out: CTRL-Minus key
  • Keystroke: Zoom reset to normal: CTRL-0 (zero)

Jump to address bar

  • Keystroke: F6

Open link in a new tab

  • Keystroke: CTRL-Click (hold down CTRL, click link)

Switch between tabs

  • Keystroke: CTRL-TAB

Closing a tab

  • Keystroke: CTRL-W

Full-screen mode

  • Keystroke: F11 (F11 again to return back to windowed mode)

Finding text on a web page

  • Keystroke: CTRL-F
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